Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"The Boss" Generation

(Shark Tank Star & FUBU Creator Daymond John)

Not too long ago I read an article posing the question, “Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?” Only recently had the story resurfaced in my mind as I have come across more and more evidence within the past 3 years that would suggest entrepreneurs are indeed made.  With the staggering economy and unemployment on the rise, I have discovered that now more than ever 20 & 30 somethings are willing to make their own jobs and employment opportunities instead of waiting for the economy to “pick back up”. 

Thousands of college students completed degrees only to find that they couldn’t land jobs, despite internships.  The classic work idea of finding a great company with advancement opportunities to retire from in your old age is quickly fading.  One only need browse their Facebook Friend list or LinkedIn Contacts to discover that most of your buddies have decided to march into the tough terrain that is Entrepreneurship.  Armed with inspirational quotes from game-changers such as Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, and Mark Zuckerberg people under the age of 40 are more willing to take the risks associated with starting their own businesses. 

Success is all we should hope for most of these “Young Bosses” as their ventures might be just the rejuvenating facelift this economy needs in more ways than one.  The triumph of these companies would greatly help the current unemployment dilemma in this country and assist in diversifying wealth throughout many demographics.  Washington has seen the value in these young founders, as well. The White House Business Council is supportive of the Startup America Partnership, “an alliance of entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, foundations, and other leaders, joining together to fuel innovative, high-growth U.S. startups”.  Pop culture has also become saturated with “made men” ideals with stimulating shows such as “Shark Tank” and Artists encouraging their audiences to be “The Boss.  Younger generations are taking the advice of great leaders such as Madame CJ Walker and “getting up and making their own opportunities.”

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