Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nissan Leaf - Free Taxi Rides and #6xcheaper

Now that's how you create a Campaign!

                                                       (Source: Adweek)

Ad firm AKQA knocked this one out of the park by having Nissan offer Free taxi rides via Twitter while encouraging the riders to tweet their destinations with hashtag "#6xcheaper" referencing the Leaf's electric power cost.  These cars hit the streets of London and Amsterdam making the right impression.

The #1 necessity in a great campaign nowadays is audience engagement and AKQA nailed it. They took a product that could have been the subject of another TV ad, you know bopping around town, maybe running errands and turned it into a physical experience.   Not just an experience but a free one with a benefit to the audience.   

What a way to finesse the 4P's!  Talk about Placement: (1) the London traffic gave Nissan the chance to show and prove that the Leaf is indeed "6xcheaper"; (2) they remembered the importance of Social Media. What better way to spark interest in something than to have it "trending" on Twitter, right?   

AKQA has set the stage for future auto ads by not just informing consumers about Nissan Leaf's positives but by physically showing them and promoting it in the most modern way...Social Media.  

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