Sunday, July 28, 2013

You Don't Know Me At All, Boo Bye - When Personalizing Goes Wrong

by Renee Jamerson

I recently took a trip to the mailbox to find a personalized solicitation from a marketing firm specializing in integration. Receiving a personalized piece in the mail can induce certain feelings; feelings of familiarity or even feelings of importance.  Whatever the feelings it definitely grabs your attention.  However, after the intial reaction the feeling that came after I began reading, I'm certain, is not the feeling the mailer intended.

The material was made of quality card stock, multi-colored and very graphic, there was just one was "personalized" to the wrong person.  It was definitely addressed to me but there were tons of other problems with this personalized appeal:

  1. The firm claimed to have gathered information about me via an e-mail survey I completed with their firm. - This was a lie
  2. The "gathered information" was either completely incorrect or very vague (i.e. Mother, daughter, sister) - Miss Cleo is that you
  3. As a professional in the marketing field they should know the importance of quality and accurate information. - After all, how can I believe you provide quality service if you can't even get the pitch correct
So, unfortunately despite all the glitz, when I got right down to it, this mail was nothing more than fancy junk.  When it comes to acquiring and maintaining clients please remember, "it's best not to fake the funk.  Nothing will turn off a prospect faster than finding out you and your work can't be trusted.  

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