Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cut Costs with Creative QR Codes

By Renee Jamerson

Before I scare you away let me just say, you are not the only one to shutter when you hear the term or see a QR Code. I, myself, used to have this same reaction. Every time I saw one of those signs in a window or on a print piece I would think "ugggghh here we go again, I don't want to figure out how to scan anything on this phone...forget it." I know it can seem a bit cumbersome and like more hassle than it's worth but I guarantee you by the end of this article you will feel differently.  After I learned some of the cool things you can do with QR Codes I had a new outlook (hence the dude with the creepy look overhead).

Add a Voice to Your Invites

One of the most intriguing uses of a QR Code that I've witnessed, and I am 100% sure I am going to copy this idea, was to put it into an invitation. One non-profit sent out invitations for their Annual Gala and instead of the usual "We cordially invite you..." verbiage they listed the committee and stuck a QR Code in there. When scanned the code uploaded a video onto the recipient's phone that featured a video invite from the Event Chair set to upbeat music.

Save A Tree

A second great idea was as a receipt. Businesses are always looking for efficient ways to go paperless and QR Codes are definitely inexpensive compared to the amount paper you use printing receipts.

Network With A Pop

The final creative idea I came across, which is one I'm sure we can all benefit from immensely, was a QR Code on the back of a business card. I received a business card this month with a QR Code on the back to which the distributor explained that if I scanned the code it would upload the contact information from the card straight into my phone! How many of you are now staring at the blank space on the back of your business card going "I gotta contact vistaprint Asap"? Yeah, I know me too!

QR Codes can be a great and efficient tool when used creatively and combined with the right material. While, it may still take a little extra time to whip out that phone and scan the code if you make the end result worth those extra steps you'd be surprised how many people will give it a whirl.

Thank you for reading and as always "Keep It Bubblin'!"


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