Monday, December 26, 2016

Grab Your Beginner's Guide to Content Analytics

If you've been struggling to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing you need Marketing Success: Defining The Factors, A Pocket Guide of Terms. This eBook has the key terms and definitions you need to get real answers on how well your content is working for your business.

As a business-owner you know that time is money. Content creation takes valuable time and if it takes time it should yield the desired results. Measuring your content gives you the date you need to to make adjustments where necessary to achieve those results.

Your content should:
  1. Fulfill your audiences needs
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Increase your sales
In this ebook you will learn about Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and how to analyze them.

You'll learn
  1. What analytics are
  2. Why analytics matters
  3. How to use content, social and email insights for content strategy
If you want to learn how to use analytics to grow your business download, Marketing Success: Defining The Factors, A Pocket Guide of Terms today!

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