Wednesday, May 10, 2017

7 Types of DIY-Content that Can Feed Your Sales Funnel

By Renee Jamerson

Time plays a major role in whether or not an entrepreneur is able to handle their own content creation but the idea of DIY-content is definitely something that should be considered. Great content is key to pulling your audience into your sales funnel.

The rule of thumb is that the amount of time put into creating the content is the same amount of time that should be spent promoting it. But not every piece of content has to be as large a project, as let's say, an eBook.

Content creation is not as daunting is it may sound, there are pieces that you can maintain with minimal to moderate time-allocation. Some of them are:

  1. Blogging - Blog posts can serve as read magnets to help pull your audience into your Sales Funnel
  2. Emails or Newsletters - Email service providers like MailChimp offer simple campaign management
  3. Social Media - Using functions like Pages and Groups on Facebook, and now with their recent creation of "FB Stories" marketing your business/service is easier than ever
  4. Photographs - Not everyone is Mark Twain (not that you have to be to blog) but social sites like Pinterest and Instagram offer a visually appealing platform.
  5. Graphics - The days of have to be able to use Adobe Creative Suite for great visual content is past, there are now sites like Canva [my personal favorite] that make creating a graphic for that blog post super easy
  6. Video - For those not afraid to brave the lens you can host Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories and YouTube vids for your business, can someone say "webshow"
  7. Podcasts - For those that are more vocally inclined you have sites like Soundcloud that offer the ability to create a station, of sorts, to upload your content for listeners to have on the go.
Content has never been easier to create it's just a matter of good time-management or the realization that "hey maybe I can use some help with this." Either way I'm here for you.

Do you currently have a Content Marketing Program or are you just winging it? Be honest, I won't judge. Leave your response in the comments below.


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