Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Keywords: Getting the Most Out of Your Content

By Renee Jamerson

As we've discovered in our Sales Funnel Series every step on the Buyer Journey has a different mind frame which means that you, the business owner should have a different goal for each. 

These mind frames and goals are what you use to build out your sales funnel, that vortex of content that generates and nurtures your leads and customers to the next steps on the Buyer journey ultimately ending in Advocacy. 

There are tons of content you can create for each step but it is most important what you say in the content. Besides mentioning your key branding phrases you should also include words and phrases that trigger your audience. For example, a person in the Awareness Stage may respond more to words that offer an opportunity to learn something new and/or change something, such as "improve","upgrade" or "prevent". People in the Consideration Stage are more likely to respond to words that provide a solution, such as "toolkit", "services" or "fix". In the Decision stage words that provide comparison are more fitting like "compare", "Pros and Cons" or "Review". The decision stage is the reason many brands turn to brand ambassadors and influence marketing.

Having set keywords for your brand is a must but it is also important to remember where your audience lays in their journey. You want to get their attention and nurture your relationship with them. I'm a big believer that the biggest point of content marketing is to create a relationship of reciprocity, the belief that giving creates the feeling of needing to return the act.

To make sure that you are creating content that is going to get results you want to use the right words and the words that ring true about your product/service. So if you haven't already, grab a pen and paper and get to work writing out the keywords that will make up the fabric of your content using your brand words and journey-relevant words.


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