Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do your clients know you're thankful?

By Renee Jamerson

There is a lot to learn in business from the non-profit sector, particularly their #1 rule, "always say thank you".  It is imperative that non-profits thank their donors but is it necessary in business as well?

The answer is absolutely! Some businesses think a deal is complete after payment receipt, but if this is your way of thinking be prepared for that to possibly be your last job for that client.  Just as in the non-profit sector, business relationships have to be cultivated and nurtured if you want to build an ongoing working relationship. Plus, there is nothing to lose, just the gain of a loyal client.

If you still don't see where we're coming from try this example; you own start-up graphic design firm X. Firm X has completed 4 jobs for a client this year and they "love, love, love" your "stuff".  Meanwhile, Firm Y is prospect hunting and takes your client out for lunch, while providing them with samples of jobs with the exact same quality as yours.  Whether or not you've shown appreciation for their business or even tried to establish a relationship could make all the difference between your next job and the loss of a client.

You have to remember, the same clients you're completing jobs or consulting for are being solicited constantly by your competition.  So, even if it's nothing more than an E-card take the time out to say "Thank You".

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twitter: Who's Banter is Bubblin'?

By Renee Jamerson

No doubt many of you are active citizens of the twittersphere and may find yourselves tweeting like your life (or business) depends on it but who exactly are you talking to?

Here is a user profile based on the results of a recent study reported by TechBytes:

1.  Gender : Female

2. Age: Late 20's

3. Device: Apple

4. Avg. # of Followers: 208

5. Content: Personal to friends & family

6. Background: Purple

So, now that you know the demographic Bubblin' on Twitter, Happy Tweeting!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Is your Logo Bubblin'?

By Renee Jamerson

Recently two more well-known companies have made the choice to simply (or tone-down) their logos.  The prominent web-based marketplace, eBay and communications provider, Optimum have both decided that less is more.  Optimum stated in recent ads they'd "rather be known for being the best cable, phone and internet service provider" and not necessarily their logo.  While eBay's President, Devin Wenig, insists their new logo represents the "cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience offered by eBay".

Not long ago, Twitter and Microsoft made the same moves, but why? How do you know when it's time to revamp your logo?  Bubblin' Banter has a couple of guidelines:
  1. PR- A logo could be just what you need if your looking for media coverage.  With all the attention Verizon has been receiving (albeit not very positive) Optimum's logo change is a definite way to grab some exposure. 
  2. Outdated- Let's say your logo was created in the 70's and it still contains psychodelic colors and's time for a change! Technology is constantly changing and advancing, its important to keep a modern look.
  3. Business change- If your logo represents a business feature you no longer provide, it's time for a change.
  4. Costly- If your logo is so detailed the cost to produce it is within the range of your phone's time for a change.
So now that you know what to look for, take a minute to inspect your logo and ensure that logo is truly a representation of your company.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nissan Leaf - Free Taxi Rides and #6xcheaper

Now that's how you create a Campaign!

                                                       (Source: Adweek)

Ad firm AKQA knocked this one out of the park by having Nissan offer Free taxi rides via Twitter while encouraging the riders to tweet their destinations with hashtag "#6xcheaper" referencing the Leaf's electric power cost.  These cars hit the streets of London and Amsterdam making the right impression.

The #1 necessity in a great campaign nowadays is audience engagement and AKQA nailed it. They took a product that could have been the subject of another TV ad, you know bopping around town, maybe running errands and turned it into a physical experience.   Not just an experience but a free one with a benefit to the audience.   

What a way to finesse the 4P's!  Talk about Placement: (1) the London traffic gave Nissan the chance to show and prove that the Leaf is indeed "6xcheaper"; (2) they remembered the importance of Social Media. What better way to spark interest in something than to have it "trending" on Twitter, right?   

AKQA has set the stage for future auto ads by not just informing consumers about Nissan Leaf's positives but by physically showing them and promoting it in the most modern way...Social Media.