Friday, September 23, 2016

4 Things to do Before Creating a Logo


There is the common misconception that the first step to establishing a brand is creating a logo. While creating your logo is definitely exciting, it should not be the #1 item on your list of things to do. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that once their colors are picked and logo is designed they have built a brand, which is far from the truth.

There are 4 key things that every entrepreneur should do before creating a logo and even before launching their business. Let's talk Brand Recognition and Brand Identity! Having the masses connect your logo with your business is Brand Recognition but your logo is not your identity.

The 4 important steps to building a brand identity are:

1. Establish the feeling - Be clear on how you want your brand to be received. Make a list of all the adjectives and emotions you want associated with your brand when it's mentioned or viewed by your audience.

2. Be Clear - Come up with a 7-word phrase (not a tagline) that people can remember. It should be unique as possible, to your brand, telling what you do and why. What have you got that your competitors don't?

3. Connect the Dots -  Know and be able to explain how your business relates to your target audience. Do you have the same deep seeded belief systems? What makes you irresistible? What will keep your business bubblin' in their brains?

4. Know that You Know - Know for sure what you're selling! Are you selling yourself? Your expertise, your individual talents? If so you should be branding yourself. Or are you selling a product or experience?

What are some other things a business should do before creating a logo? Tell me your suggestion in the comments.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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