Monday, March 14, 2016

Thinx Panties

Thinx Panties Ad

Yes, you read that correct! I looked up one day on the train and there they were in a 1/2 car Ad Campaign; panties meant to be worn as protection during menstruation. Despite how I felt about this device or the placement of these ads, I decided to conduct a survey within a Mommy group that I frequent and was actually shocked to find that at least 1/2 of these women (a group consisting of about 400 females) had heard of and some even owned this underwear.

Regardless to how you may feel, Thinx Panties are What's Bubblin'!

Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Must-Have Content Marketing Life-Savers

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the most prominent marketing strategies now include content heavy mediums. Not just blog posts, but engaging and share-worthy material. Creating content that is on-point 365/24/7 can be quite intense and at times overwhelming, especially if you don't have those "go-to" devices to pull you out of the storm when you're running low on time and creative energy.

Trust me I've been there, so to be helpful I put together an easy-read list of my top 5 bail out tools:

1. Social Media Management System - This is an absolute must, especially if you have more than one social media account. My personal fav. is Hootsuite.

2. Graphic Design Software - Content marketing has become very visual so at this point its almost pointless to even consider Content Marketing and not include graphic design. Luckily there are tons are great platforms that anyone can use to design captivating visuals. I absolutely love Canva.

3. Hashtags- While you can pretty much hashtag anything now a days, as long as you #KeepItShort (see I just did it), it is so helpful to have a file of poppin' yet relevant hashtags that are identifiable with your brand.

4. Topic generator- While i'm not a huge fan of topic generators, they have given me some rough ideas of topics that I could take and make my own. I wouldn't suggest using them word-for-word, as I just don't see how they could be that unique. But they can be helpful during times of writer's block. I rely on Hubspot when this happens.

5. Editorial Calendar - While this should have been #1, I decided to save the best for last. It is always always always helpful when it comes to Content Marketing to have an editorial calendar. We've all heard it before "a failure to plan is a plan to fail".

There you have it! 5 must-have tools to Keep Your Business Bubblin'!



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