Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Marketing - Open Your Mind Before You Close Your Doors!

Last week, while out for a stroll on my lunch break, I couldn't help but notice that most of the local "mom and pop businesses" are closed (for good) on just about the whole block.  Sadly, lately, this is not an uncommon site, especially in Manhattan.  The rent is through the roof in NYC and a lot of business are struggling to survive.  One common thread stood out among a lot of these businesses and that was lack of marketing. While some of the businesses had great promotional deals, they relied way too heavily on "word-of-mouth" advertising.  Many of them offered deals to the local University students while totally ignoring the rest of their customers. These failed businesses are prime examples of why believing the old myth that marketing is for big business is a huge no no!

Marketing is important even in small business

No business is too small for marketing; whether social media, e-mail or flyers, something is always better than nothing. There are tons of informational sources to assist in beginner-level marketing, with publications that address everything from "How to create a Twitter account" to "How to interpret analytics".  Don't be fooled there are cost-effective ways to market your small business or service. 

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