Monday, April 25, 2016

[Recap] AFP- Digging Out of the Rut - Panel Discussion

Last week, I attended the AFP Panel Discussion-Digging Out of the Rut, moderated by one of my favorite fundraisers, Margaret Holman. It was everything that I expected it to be jam-packed with juicy tips. Everything from approaching Foundations to cultivating Major Donors. The one running theme for the whole discussion however was relation building.

I'm sure you're probably thinking, fundraising well of course, relationship building is important but you'd be surprised how many fundraisers are either too scared to even call a donor or just don't know the importance of making meaningful contact. Some Development Departments are strictly cash driven, treating their donors as if they are ATMs, and there is an annual merry-go round process of mail a letter, get a gift, send the!

There has been a major push this year to change the route of present day fundraising and to bring the focus back to the donor; providing a philanthropic experience and not just a transaction.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Relationship Marketing: Play It One More Time

Relationship Marketing

The new-old philosophy of Relationship Marketing is back in the mix. Looking back at the history of Marketing, we've gone from very personal (one-on-one) business, to working more quickly and efficiently thanks to technology all at the expense of that one-on-one interaction. Changing technology keeps on our toes and so we once again the topic of how to build lasting relationships while in a digital world.

In the current "transactional environment", people feel less valuable to businesses/organization. Despite millennials coming up in the information age, even they find those rare one-on-one occurrences refreshing, as long as the personalization is on-point. 

I think it's fair to say that we can't stray away from the digital world without being left behind, but we can make adjustments to the way we interact with our audiences. 

1. Frequent Contact- While it would be totally unproductive to check every notification that goes off when it goes off, it is possible to schedule time to check social media and respond to questions and comments in a timely manner. It's crucial to interact with your audience so make it a priority.

2. Relevant Content- Providing your audience with relevant, useful and timely content is always important. You should keep a toolbox with all the must-haves for great Content Marketing.

3. Live Interactions- Yes, it is possible via Social Media! Try hosting TwitterChats, Facebook Live, or Live Tweeting.

4. Keep The Lines Open- Allow your audience to have input. Offer surveys and polls so that they can let you know what's on their minds. Read their comments and address them in posted Content. Let them know you hear them!

5. Do Your Homework- Don't be afraid to learn about your audience! Research them and look into their buying habits and interests. There are great screening software options available, take advantage.

Relationship Marketing in the digital age is definitely a task to tackle but it's not impossible with the right formula.

Thanks for reading and as always Keep Your Business Bubblin'!


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