Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The 3 Marketing Factors That Matter Most

I hear it every year, entrepreneurs try to kick off their marketing efforts armed with a plan to sell more products/services than they ever have only to discover that like so many they have missed the mark by not recognizing 3 of the most important factors when it comes to marketing and business in general.

They are:

  1. Target Audience - Who it is you are serving?
  2. Audience Painpoints - What are the problems they have that you are going to solve with your product/service?
  3. Solution - What is it about your product/service that solves that problem like no one else can?

Before sending 1 email, posting one ad to Social Media or share one image to Instagram these 3 questions should be answered or you're bound to waste valuable time and money.

Do you know the answers to these 3 questions in your business? If so, drop a comment below or head over to my Facebook page and leave a comment.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

4 Areas of Business-Growth to Focus Your Content Strategy

I was having a conversation with a business owner and we were talking about where we stood in preparation for 2018 and she began to tell me about the quantity of content she had created and I couldn't help but to ask her the one question I've asked so many of the emerging entrepreneurs I encounter. A question I knew would, in a way, crush her...I asked her "what exactly is your strategy for using the content?" She then looked at me as though I was somehow suffering from amnesia because I'm the "expert".

Obviously, she didn't know that creating content without a strategy for how you plan to distribute it and how it ties into your sales funnel is not only a waste of time, it's practically insane!

I've been there before, you get so excited about some graphic idea you had and just jump into creating, but you have to remember to reign it in and here's how...

The first thing that needs to happen is goal-setting. In a past post I mentioned 3 categories of goals that should always be put in place when crating your content marketing program. Today I'm going to dive deeper into one of them, Business-Growth Goals.

One of the best ways of measuring your business-growth goals that I've learned thus far, is Amy Porterfield's "4x4 Gut Check". Within the 4x4 Gut Check you break up your business-growth metrics into 4 categories:

  1. Revenue - Ways you plan to make money
  2. Retention - Ways you plan to keep your current audience/clients/leads
  3. Leads - Ways you plan to increase sign-ups or prospective client #s
  4. Content - Types of marketing material you plan to distribute
Since I've heard of Amy's 4x4 Gut Check I have used the categories as main areas of focus in my business and it has helped me move my forward exponentially.

With these 4 areas in mind you can create content around the areas most in need of work to help you reach your goals.

Can you see yourself using the 4x4 Gut Check? Let me know in the comments.


3 Goals to Set To Launch A Successful Content Marketing Program

Monday, November 27, 2017

What's Bubblin'? Ep. 2 - Easy Ways for Your Business to Get In On the Holiday Action

 What's Bubblin'? ep.2

Get Your Business In On the Holiday Action

Looking to get your feet wet in the Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday arena check out my 5 easy-peasy offers you launch this week to help your business slay this holiday season.
1.      One-Day Deals –
a.      Don’t - go past the deadline, you risk looking desperate
b.      Do – Promote everywhere you can

2.      Combined Offers –
a.      Don’t – Offer unwanted inventory
b.      Do – make it worth coming back for
3.      Email Subscription Deals –
a.      Don’t – Over promise
b.      Do – keep track of supplies
4.      Free shipping –
a.      Don’t – Just don’t if you can’t
b.      Do – If you can
5.      Coupon Codes –
a.      Do do do

If you want more ideas of promotions you can run in your business download my FREE whitepaper, How to Slay Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Every Day After 

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 What's Bubblin'? Ep. 2

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Get the Best Return for Your Content

When people think of return on investment (RIO) they tend to think it only related to money that they spent in a business, but a RIO should be expected to any thing you invest in your business - whether time, money or energy.

One way to track your RIO is to establish what are called Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) at the beginning of the year. Even if you haven't established KPIs, I'm sure you are already collecting results in areas that are key to measuring the success of your business. Those numbers should indicate the pulse of your business such as where you stand in sales, leads and attraction.

3 key indicators from areas of content marketing are:
  1. Form Submissions - this the number of leads you have
  2. Followers - the number following you on social media but I also include those people that get your emails
  3. Click Rates - the number of people getting your emails that actually click on the links 
Don't see indicators that fit your brand? These are just a few of the numbers in your business that you should be tracking. There are more and I list them in my pocket guide of terms, Marketing Success: Defining the Factors. Grab Yours Today!

 Marketing Success: A Pocket Guide of Terms


 What's Bubblin'? ep.1