Monday, February 15, 2016

Back on Track: Fall In Love with Your Brand Again

by Renee Jamerson

Many times businesses find themselves snowballing out of control trying to compete with the ever-changing markets, it could happen as a consultant, as well. You start out offering one product or service and before you know it you've evolved into this beast that is so far removed from your original mission that it's hard to figure out how to get back to that passion and drive that was present in the start-up phase.

Making Your Way Back

An easy way to evaluate whether your business has gotten away from it's mission is to looking at your Content Marketing. Does it relate? Are you able to link back to past content? Can you "reshare" old content without leaving your audience wondering, "where in the world did that just come from?" If you can't talk about your business or service with fire, you have left the honeymoon phase and this is a definite "no, no" when it comes to building an eternal love-story in business. But don't worry there is hope.

Trim The Fat 

Now that you know where you stand, you can make the choice to cut back on services that may be costing you money that isn't worth spending! Especially if you hate doing it. If you find that that product/service that you hate is your breadwinner try adapting it into something that you at least like for the time being until you can develop another winning idea that you are passionate about.


A great tactic to keep from snowballing is to plan. I know you may be tired of hearing it but this is where a business plan is very helpful. If you don't have one its' time to get busy and after that develop a marketing plan. These two plans will help to keep you on track and on budget.

Keep it Bubblin'



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