Monday, March 20, 2017

The Step You Missed Building Your Sales Funnel

Content Marketing Strategy

Any entrepreneur can tell you that getting a sale is not an easy task, but before customers even reach the sales point there are a couple of other steps on the "Buyer's Journey" that many first-time business owners overlook.

Below are the steps in the buyer's journey and understanding where your audience sits is key to constructing a sales funnel that will work for your business.
  1.  Awareness - concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development
  2. Consideration - careful thought, over a period of time
  3. Decision - a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
  4. Purchase - the act of buying 
  5. Loyalty - a strong feeling of support or allegiance
  6. Advocacy - public support for or recommendation of something

What's Next

It's time to plot it out. Pull out those Buyer Personas and an overview of your audience and figure out just where each group of people fall. Then consider how you can get them to move up to the next step. This is the beginning of your Sales Funnel. In the coming weeks we will help you easily build out a working sales funnel for your business.

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