Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How to use Trending News to Promote A Business


I’m sure you’ve noticed lately that tons of people are making the move into the entrepreneurial arena with hopes of turning their passion into a business. But this idea should not only be for the newbies. Established entrepreneurs can pursue passion projects within their businesses.

The other day, I was walking past a business that encouraged “Pokemon trainers to stop in for a discounted drink”. There is a chance that this business owner is a “Pokemon Go” player but since running a business is very time consuming, I assume he happened to notice a lot of traffic in the area due to the fact that there is “Pokemon Dojo” up the street in the park. While I noticed this promotion in front of the business on a chalkboard. If integrated and marketed correctly, this business could be driving traffic from online to their store, by word-of-mouth, as well as passersby on the street.

So the next time you digest some pop news or just news in general, remember to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to promotional opportunities.

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