Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Easy Start to Video Marketing Success

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The newest movement in social media marketing world is video. Due to the immense take off last year of visual platforms such as Periscope, Babl and Snapchat it's no surprise that Video Marketing is the reincarnated tool of the year. With Facebook rolling out FBVideo it is now becoming easier than ever to enhance your Social media presence.

Curate YOUR Content 

If you feel like your being left out of the loop have no fear we have an easy trick for you...use what you've already got! Think about it I'm pretty sure you have a piece of content, whether a blog post, direct mail appeal or e-mail, you know the one, the one that you put out expecting it to bring in the sales or leads that you really believed in but it ended up lost in the online noise. I say break out the red pen and chop that sucker down and hit record! You'd be surprised the new life a piece can take on when you throw a little sound and motion to it.

Dig in the crates and find that piece that speaks to your brands purpose so perfectly you want to tattoo it on your chest (okay, maybe a bit much but you get the point). Edit it down and make it your first video, have fun and remember this isn't new, you've already put this out and your just reiterating it's importance to your audience and don't forget to pin it to the top!


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